How to Help Ukraine

Support Ukrainians in Need
How to Help

Donate to Crucial Charities in Ukraine

Please consider donating to the following important, impactful charities providing vital assistance to Ukrainians today.

Important Humanitarian Mission

Carrying out essential work that saves Ukrainians' lives.

Immediate Impact on the Ground

Longstanding commitment to and experience in Ukraine.

Legitimate, Efficient Organizations

Reputable charities with proven ability to operate effectively.

Rigorous, Easy Donation Process

Secure, simple portals that accept international payments.

International Medical Corps

Special fund for the victims in Mariupol. Hospitals and schools are destroyed. Churches and ordinary buildings are destroyed. People are killed. Children are killed. The aerial bombing of a children’s hospital is the ultimate evidence that genocide of Ukrainians is happening.
Presence in Ukraine
Healthcare expertise
Focus on women and children

Project Hope

Project Hope is shipping vital medical supplies to Ukraine. The organization has been active in the country since 2002.
Presence in Ukraine
Longstanding support for Ukrainians
Focus on healthcare


UNICEF (aka the United Nations Children's Fund) is working to scale up life-saving support for children and their families.
Presence in Ukraine
Large organizational abilities
Focus on children

People in Need

People in Need is a Czech charity with a proven track record of carrying out important humanitarian work around the world.
Presence in Ukraine
Proven logistics network
Focus on essential supplies

Ukrainian Red Cross Society

The Ukrainian Red Cross provides lifesaving first aid services where access to medical services is limited.
Ukrainian-run organization
Large volunteer base
Frontline healthcare work


The IRC (International Rescue Committee) is mobilizing resources to support Ukrainians civilians forced to flee their homes.
Presence in Poland
Large international resettlement network
Focus on refugees

Frequently Asked Questions

What is happening in Ukraine?

Russia launched a large-scale invasion of Ukraine on 24 February, 2022. As the death toll tragically mounts, millions of Ukrainians find themselves in need of medical and humanitarian assistance.

How can I help Ukrainians?

In my opinion, the best way to help Ukrainians from afar is to financially support reputable, effective charities that have a proven track record of working succesfully in Ukraine.

What should I know before I donate?

Sadly, there are countless donation scams circulating around social media. Please consider giving to the organizations listed here. They are all impactful charities with the ability to act fast in Ukraine.

What is How to Help Ukraine?

How to Help Ukraine is run by Denny Buttler, an American with an academic and web project background in the culture of Russia and the FSU. Denny speaks good Russian and some Ukrainian.

What are you doing to help Ukraine?

During this conflict, I'm running banners to How to Help Ukraine and donating all ad revenue to relevant charities from my popular sites, Russian Film Hub and Russian Enthusiast. 

What do you think the future holds?

The fog of war is real - little is known and misinformation is rampant. What I do know is that Ukrainians need all the support they can get from us right now.